Introducing our team of professional and friendly landscapers


At Sustainable Landscapes, our team is our greatest asset. Our collective expertise in sustainable landscaping, coupled with a genuine passion for creativity and excellence, drives us to deliver outstanding results in every project.

Our team is handpicked for their dedication to sustainability, extensive landscaping experience, and exceptional skills in delivering superior craftsmanship. We believe these qualities are essential for achieving outstanding outcomes.

We focus on sustainable practices and delivering premium finishes, ensuring our projects are environmentally friendly and of the highest quality. This results in beautiful, enduring outdoor spaces that enhance aesthetics and ecology.



With 25 years in landscaping and gardening, Kenn is the visionary founder of Sustainable Landscapes. Driven by a steadfast belief in eco-friendly practices and passion for the environment, he founded the company to embody and ardently promote sustainable gardening. Kenn’s vision goes beyond creating gardens; his teams sculpt spaces that harmonise with nature while boasting a luxurious finish. His commitment to sustainable practices, paired with an eye for refined elegance, positions him as a trailblazing leader in upscale green landscaping.


Senior Landscaper

With an impressive 30 years of gardening expertise, Steve is a celebrated gardener who has won two Silver Gilt medals at the Hampton Court Flower Show for his personal show gardens. His profound plant knowledge and exceptional problem-solving skills, combined with his dedication to sustainable landscaping, have been instrumental in crafting high-end, breathtaking gardens. Steve’s all-encompassing insight is not just a boon to our business but a testament to his passion for the art and science of landscape gardening.


Senior Landscaper

Jason is a seasoned landscaper, having started his career in 2014. He now manages our team dedicated to premium, intricate projects. Renowned for delivering exceptional finishes and completing assignments on time and to the highest standards, Jason’s expertise and leadership are invaluable. With a strong interest in sustainable gardening, he integrates eco-friendly techniques into his projects, enhancing both aesthetics and environmental impact. To further develop his skills, he is currently undertaking an MSc in Project Management.


Senior Landscaper

Jamie began his landscaping journey in 2007 and has developed a well-rounded skill set with experience in landscaping, gardening, and domestic construction, including high-end property renovations and garden transformations. As one of our Project Managers, Jamie is “a firm believer that it’s all in the planning.” He creates detailed road maps for all projects, always thinking 10 steps ahead to ensure maximum efficiency in day-to-day work schedules, enabling projects to run smoothly and come in on time with the highest quality workmanship.



Dennis brings a strong work ethic and a genuine passion for excellence to Sustainable Landscapes. He excels in hard landscaping tasks such as brickwork, paving, and fence work, making him a reliable and versatile team member. Dennis’ careful methods ensure every project meets the highest standards. His friendly demeanor and professional attitude make him popular among our clients. Dennis’ contributions are essential in maintaining the quality of our services, ensuring each project is completed to the utmost satisfaction.



Tony consistently proves that actions speak louder than words. With an unwavering commitment to the task at hand, his dedication to landscaping shines through in every project. Whether it is preparing the ground or assisting in design implementation, Tony’s semi-skilled expertise make him an indispensable member of our team. His hardworking ethos not only ensures that projects are executed to perfection but also inspires those around him to strive for excellence. In every task he undertakes, his commitment to is evident.



Since his introduction to the London landscaping scene in 2013, Greg has evolved from an industrious labourer to a highly skilled landscaper. Mastering a variety of techniques, Greg particularly excels in paving, decking, and block work. His hands-on experience extends beyond just craftsmanship; Greg has adeptly managed smaller projects, ensuring timely and quality results. Known for his strong work ethic and meticulous attention to detail, he has become invaluable to our team, continually delivering excellence in every task he undertakes.

Creativity & Sustainability

Our reputation for quality and excellence resonates within the design community and among our esteemed clients. To us, ‘creativity’ and ‘sustainability’ are more than buzzwords; they encapsulate our ethos and purpose. We meld artistic flair with ecological responsibility, sculpting captivating gardens with environmental stewardship at the forefront.

Our dedicated team, well-versed in garden design, landscaping, and maintenance, excels at transforming spaces, regardless of size or complexity, into verdant sanctuaries that reflect our commitment to the planet. Through innovative approaches and sustainable practices, we ensure each project harmonizes beauty with ecological integrity. ​

Mission Statement

“At Sustainable Landscapes, we blend innovative design with sustainable practices. Our mission is to craft stunning, eco-friendly outdoor spaces that provide lasting beauty.”